The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash®

Ocean Commotion

is the third in the anticipated
fifteen-book character building series.
Incredibly illustrated, unique, and adventurous,
these books are designed for boys and girls
Ages 0 - 10
(great self-read as well as read-aloud)


What can I expect from this book?

  • The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash® is a fun and adventurous children’s books series, where an EYELASH teaches important life lessons and how to build strong self-esteem and good character.
  • The third book of the series, Ocean Commotion, addresses the issue of honesty. Lilly the Lash finds herself in the town of Rockin’ Reef, where the mysterious disappearance of store items leaves an entire community in distress, and a young octopus pursuing the merits of HONESTY. After untangling the ongoing events, Lilly sends in a cool and caring shrimp to help the octopus realize the affects of her actions; prompting her to stand tall, accept responsibility, and set things straight!
  • The cleverly written storylines are told in a rhythmic style, and the magnificently animated illustrations are both enchanting and mesmerizing.
  • The age range for the series is 0–10, although truly appropriate for ALL ages!
  • Loved by boys and girls alike, Lilly the Lash, a slightly clumsy gal with a tomboyish edge, encourages children to use their imagination to go places only a minuscule eyelash could take them.
  • Sizing in at 11 ½” x 10”, this glossy, hardcover book is durable and fun for the little ones to hold onto.
  • The larger whimsical lettering used throughout the book allows for easier reading, and often assists with pronunciation and spelling.
  • The pages have a water based, environmentally friendly aqueous coating which increases durability, enhances the vibrant colors of the ink, causing the cinematic images to POP off the page, and most notably, offers the reader a fabulous silky-to-the-touch experience.
  • Each book in the series has three additional special pages; Fun Facts, What’s Next, and The Cause, which can be found in the back of the book.
  • You will find three programs for each book in the series. Classic Classroom Lesson Plans, Diverse Directions Lesson Plans, and Creative Crafts. The Classic Classroom plans are for children Pre-K to 5th Grade. The Diverse Directions plans are for various age levels, with an intentional focus on children with such issues as ADHD, Autism, or similar hurdles. These, along with the Creative Crafts activities, can be utilized by teachers in school, or parents and grandparents at home.