Teachers, media specialists, guidance counselors, and principals alike will be overwhelmed by the student reaction Julie Woik generates from her visually stimulating, age appropriate, PowerPoint presentations, detailing The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash series.

Armed with a contagiously dynamic personality, Julie has a unique way of acquainting others with the life lessons that reach to the core of our value system. Children learn that they can build strong self-esteem by practicing such ideals as respect, responsibility, sharing, caring, patience, and understanding. With this presentation... EVERYBODY wins!
There are an assortment of presentations from which to choose, some of which are geared toward a specific age range, others toward a particular focus. All presentations involve the reading of a book.
  • Students in the Pre-Kindergarten to 1st Grade levels often participate in an activity following the reading, taken from the array of teacher lesson plans that coordinate with the book.
  • Students in the 2nd Grade levels and above participate in a question and answer session, resolving their many inquiries regarding the life of an author and the book world at large.

Some or all of the following elements are addressed in the presentations:
  • The meaning of self-esteem and its importance.
  • The life lessons Lilly the Lash will cover in her series.
  • The value of reading and writing.
  • The three main parts of a story.
  • How Lilly the Lash came to be.
  • A segment explaining the creation and development of the Lilly the Lash character.
  • The sketches that eventually resulted in the illustrated pages of the book.
  • A question and answer period to cover any author related inquiries.

Julie will consult with the teacher, media specialist, and/or principal to determine what they are interested in accomplishing for their school or individual classrooms.

Julie Woik has fascinating presentations for clubs and organizations of all types. People have a general curiosity regarding the experiences of an author, and the events surrounding the inspiration that fueled their journey. Julie's story happens to begin with a late night trip to the bathroom, which always provides for an interesting and comical opening segment!

Often members request a book signing and "meet and greet" to follow the presentation. This is a perfect setting to chat with Julie and learn everything there is to know about Lilly the Lash and her mission to SAVE THE WORLD!

One thing's for sure, when you hire Julie Woik to speak at your school or engagement, you get your money's worth! Her rates are incredible, and you get quality AND quantity. Call and schedule a visit today.

RATES - Local (Within 30 minute drive of North Sarasota)
  • $250.00 for 1/2 of a day (either morning or afternoon)
  • $400.00 for an entire day

RATES - Outside of the local area
  • $500 plus expenses for an entire day



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